Best Subculture

Save McMillan Park
Photograph by Darrow Montgomery
What drives dozens of people to want to save a park that doesn’t actually exist? That’s the question behind Save McMillan Park, the motley crew of activists that aims to stop a planned development on Ward 5’s 25-acre McMillan Sand Filtration Site. The parkers seem to have finally lost their years-long fight, but at least they’ll leave behind the most intricate folkways of any recent District protest movement. Save McMillan Park types weave colored material into the fence surrounding McMillan to spell out their messages; they have a blood feud with Ward 5 Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie that plays out on posters around town. Last Halloween, protesters showed up at a commemoration of The Exorcist to call for an exorcism of developer “devils.” Their insistence on steering any conversation towards McMillan has exasperated WAMU’s Kojo Nnamdi, who regularly catches calls from parkers attempting to hijack unrelated shows. When the District’s most even-tempered radio personality fumes at you, you know you’ve made it.