Best Place to Hole Up During an Apocalyptic Event

Hecht Warehouse
1401 New York Ave. NE, (888) 705-3472
Photograph by Darrow Montgomery
The Hecht Warehouse in Ivy City seems like a nice place to live. Its ground floor features a MOM’s Organic Market and a Nike Factory Store, and the surrounding area is or will one day be home to Compass Coffee, Ivy City Diner, and Atlas Brew Works. There’s a game room in the basement complete with a bar, billiards, pinball machines, and shuffleboard. The more expensive lofts are everything you’d imagine—polished cement floors, glass-block windows, top-of-the-line appliances—with lots of privacy and security. Basically, if you lived in the Hecht Warehouse, you’d never have to leave. Which is why it would be the perfect place to hole up during an apocalyptic event—zombies, alien invasion, rapid climate change à la The Day After Tomorrow. You could easily survive there for months—hell, maybe even years—and not have to worry about running out of supplies, space, or things to do.