Best Farm That Will One Day be a Pepco Substation

The K Street Farm
K Street and New Jersey Avenue NW
At the corner of K Street and New Jersey Avenue NW, near a clump of newly constructed condo buildings and the aging Sursum Corda low-income co-op, is a farm: almost one acre of green, where vegetables grow, chickens lay eggs, and bees make honey, in the middle of a part of the District that sorely lacks this type of natural resource. Run by DC Greens, it serves as a job training center for future farmers and an outdoor classroom for the students of Walker-Jones next door and other D.C. schools. It will also, one day in the future, be the site of a Pepco substation. The land on which the farm sits is city-owned and was traded away as part of the D.C. United stadium deal. The farm’s future was never guaranteed: It was probable that the District would redevelop the land into a mixed-use site where tenants of a public housing building, torn down almost a decade ago, could live. But instead, it will become what former Washington City Paper writer Aaron Wiener called “a street-deadening electrical facility,” all in the name of a taxpayer-funded stadium. But for now, it’s one the city’s greatest working farms; interested residents can volunteer as individuals on Thursdays and as part of a group on Friday and Saturdays until November.