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Short Articles About Long Meetings
Advisory Neighborhood Commission meetings can decide the fate of the bar that’s trying to open on your block or the development that could block your backyard’s sunlight. Unfortunately, they’re also usually deadly boring, and long. So keeping abreast of neighborhood news can be a challenge. Enter SALM. Started last year, the blog (written anonymously, but by a Logan Circle resident named David McAuley, who also used to cover meetings for the now-defunct Borderstan blog) endures the ANC meetings in the Dupont/Logan/U Street area so you don’t have to. Articles aren’t always as short as advertised, but for people who care about their neighborhood goings-on but don’t have the time to listen to lengthy debates over alley reconfigurations themselves, they can be invaluable. “D.C. is full of people who feel they should keep up with local politics, but they’re too busy living their lives to spend more than a few minutes paying attention to it,” McAuley says. “I want these people to be my readership.”