Best National Anthem Singer

D.C. Washington
No offense to Francis Scott Key, buried up in Rockville, but as national anthems go, “The Star Spangled Banner” may not be ideal. It lacks the musical drama of Russia’s, the jauntiness of Brazil’s, the stand-up-and-kick-those-Nazis-out-of-your-bar spirit of France’s. (Not to mention the earnestness of Canada’s.) Plus, its tune was originally a British drinking song. But you can’t start a sports event without it, and in D.C., who better to rile up the home fans and honor America at the same time than a guy with the same name as the city? A military contractor from Woodbridge and a church choir stalwart when he’s not on the field, Washington sings the anthem before D.C. United games, Washington Nationals games, and Washington Pigskins games. He does a pretty straightforward version, except for a little flourish at the end; he doesn’t slow the song down too much; and his name is D.C. Washington. Play ball!