Best Dressed Anchor

Judy Woodruff
Can we please stop talking about what an intelligent, accomplished journalist Judy Woodruff is (that’s a given by now) and please start talking about her clothes?! Long before Woodruff became co-anchor of the PBS NewsHour in August, she has emanated refinement with crisp collars, cool jackets, and impeccable tailoring—no 1994-era Talbots blazers for this woman, who at nearly 70 is hotter than I am. I once shared a flight with Woodruff after two sweaty, rainy weeks of reporting at the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. How, I wondered, could Judy pull off an uncreased cream ensemble, when the best I could do was a dirty white T-shirt and a pair of flip-flops that shortly after found their rightful place in a landfill? Because she is Judy Woodruff, and I am not.