Best Anthropological Study of D.C.

New York Times
Nobody does urban anthropology in D.C. quite like the Grey Lady. Whether it’s discovering five-year-old trends in gentrification or realizing that there are, in fact, bars and restaurants in our fair city, the gang up north are ON IT. Like Lawrence of Arabia defining an ancient civilization based on his own terms, the New York Times ventures outside the city’s national power corridors every now and then to mine the dark waters of Chocolate City for earnest “smart takes” on a city that seems even more foreign to its editorial sensibility than Brooklyn—and hundreds of thousands of hapless background natives. Need a think piece on white kids with disposable income living outside Upper Caucasia? They’ve got it. Local chefs who aren’t toiling away in the kitchens that serve lunch to lobbyists? The Times is there. And the biannual spectaculars on the Hipsters of H Street NE are not to be missed. Just don’t ask ‘em about Ward 8.