Best Sports Moment

Jayson Werth’s Walk-Off Homerun
As they say: You kind of had to be there. During Game 4 of the Nationals’ playoff series against the St. Louis Cardinals, a Nats run in the second inning and a Cardinals one in the third meant each subsequent at-bat felt like a Greek epic—leading to Jayson Werth’s actually epic turn in the bottom of the ninth. The entire stadium stood—and in the nosebleeds, where I was, that meant on your seat. One swing, two, seven, 12. Finally, Lance Lynn threw his 13th pitch—and if you blinked, your eyes opened to a crowd that was positively Bacchanalian. Twenty-four hours later, we got a different kind of Grecian ending: As the Nats ended their year by blowing an early lead in Game 5, we learned the price of hubris.