Best Snit

Jack Evans before President Barack Obama’s inauguration
Photograph by Darrow Montgomery
The D.C. Council got to watch the inaugural parade from a $342,000 viewing stand built onto the steps of the Wilson Building—a heated spot (with easy access to bathrooms and food) in a prime location on Pennsylvania Avenue NW. But Secret Service–mandated road closures meant anyone who planned to drive there to use the perk would have to arrive by 6 a.m. And that wasn’t alright by Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans. “It’s totally unacceptable,” Evans told city officials during a briefing before the inauguration, as quoted in the Post. “What, I’m going to wake my whole family up to get them here at 6 o’clock for a 2 o’clock parade? That is ridiculous. Sit around for 8 hours?” Evans wanted the city to demand special authorized driving lanes for District officials, on the grounds that not providing them violated Home Rule. Most locals, of course, got neither special routes to their heated parade viewing stand nor a heated parade viewing stand.