Best Police Flack

Julie Parker
Prince George’s County Police Department
From the reporter’s standpoint, the measure of a police department is the efficiency with which it can provide crime-scene details or a good quote. And even though D.C. is home to more than half a dozen local and federal police agencies, the best law enforcement flackery is conducted in the suburbs. Since becoming the spokesperson for the Prince George’s County Police Department in June 2011, Julie Parker, a former WJLA reporter, has made that agency Internet-savvy, socially engaging, and quick in its responses to major crime scenes. That last task has become more common lately, considering Prince George’s County’s bloody first few months of 2013. Parker, unlike spokespeople for other departments, also hovers on Twitter, where she frequently answers reporters’ and residents’ questions. When the New York Times’ David Pogue had his iPhone stolen last year, it was Parker who tweeted at the tech columnist to let him know that the device was recovered in Seat Pleasant.