Best Plunderers

Washington Post Co. Executives
The Washington Post Company isn’t just about newspapers. It operates TV stations, the for-profit Kaplan education family, and, as of 2012, hospice facilities. In recent years, though, the Post Co. has played a role that’s less obvious until you look at its Security and Exchange Commission filings: piggy bank for top executives. For years, executives like Graham family scion and Post publisher Katharine Weymouth have taken home salaries and bonuses that would have looked generous during the dot-com bubble, but look downright robber-baronish now. At the end of 2012, Post executives made $2.3 million in stock bonuses, with Weymouth personally earning more than $900,000 worth in stock. Under a new six-year bonus plan, Weymouth could make even more if she meets performance goals: around $15.4 million, according to the company’s current stock price.