Best News Anchor

Jim Vance
Local TV news is supposed to be perfectly polished, with scripted introductions tossing to equally scripted bits from correspondents around the area. Which NBC4’s Jim Vance knows well; he’s been the station’s main anchor for four decades, and he’s a pro. But what Vance also knows is that the perfect polish often gets laid on top of a bunch of silliness. And those four decades in the business mean he knows when to drop the smooth facade and raise an eyebrow at a dopey report from a far-flung locale that only made the broadcast because there was video available. Or just how far he can take on-air vamping with his colleagues before good-natured teasing edges into something harder-edged. Add in his editorials (like one in February demanding that the local football team change its name, a bold stance coming from the lead anchor on one of the team’s official broadcast partners), his goofy stint filling in as the sports anchor when Dan Hellie was on vacation, and his badass fashion sense (not many other D.C. TV folks could have pulled off the black leather blazer he wore to cover the inauguration), and Vance gives you plenty of reasons to catch The Daily Show on DVR instead of live at 11.