Best Lawsuit

Gordon v.
Photograph by Darrow Montgomery
For years Betsy Rothstein and the gang at FishbowlDC have been slapping around the Washington press corps: chastising female reporters for their “skanky” Twitter avatars, mocking a photographer’s grief over his broken engagement, and somehow, often something worse. Now the universe has slapped back. In January, publicist Wendy Gordon, the target of a weekly FishbowlDC drive-by, filed a $2 million defamation suit against Rothstein & Co. The suit’s many gems—“Defendant also stated that anyone seeking to have sexual relations with Ms. Gordon would want to wear two condoms (i.e. ‘double bagging’), falsely implying that Ms. Gordon has some loathsome disease”—generated atypically unchecked glee in the press that has barely simmered down. After Rothstein recently tried to zing Slate’s Dave Weigel on Twitter, Weigel responded simply, “Every night’s a good night when you’re not being sued!”