Best Condiment

European Delight
1654 Columbia Road NW
Just reading a description of the Döner Box—sautéed beef, grease-drenched french fries, curry powder, and a thick yogurt-based sauce—is enough to clog arteries. But this dish, available at the German-Turkish spot Döner Bistro in Adams Morgan, is a gift from the Teutonic god of drunk food. And that sauce, nicknamed “European delight,” is the ingredient that makes these indulgent meals sing (and our cardiologists groan). A little heartier than tzatziki, European delight is laced with garlic and, when coating a forkful of meat and fries, the stuff that makes you want to reach for the nearest tiroler and swear fealty to Germany. Or at least German fast food. By the way, it’s pretty damn good when you’re sober, too.