Best Advertisement for Bike Lanes

President Barack Obama’s inauguration
As soon as the presidential limo stopped, there they were: a few precious feet down the center of Pennsylvania Avenue NW—America’s Main Street, as it’s sometimes known—staked out for bicycles instead of cars. Forget “Share the Road” stickers and signs, there was President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama strolling along an actual bona fide bike lane on a major street. It was almost enough to make you think the world was ready to treat bike commuters just the same as the ones rolling around on four wheels. “Huh, I guess bike lanes aren’t some weirdo hippy thing, after all,” you’d picture Americans watching at home thinking to themselves. You’d picture that while frantically trying to dodge a wayward SUV on your bike ride home, but still. Maybe in 2017, the next president will actually ride his or her bike down the parade route.