Best Wounded Man

Gregory Baldwin
Gregory Baldwin still has a bullet in him. You can touch it—the hulk of a man doesn’t mind. The bullet, one of 10 that tore through him in his younger days, is right above his elbow crease, lodged under a brown, molten-looking scar. Touch the small clump of metal with an index finger, and it rolls around with the playfulness of a marble. With almost no prodding, Baldwin will offer more. He’ll pull up his shirt to reveal reservoirs of flesh dented with wounds and regrets. The man who shot Gregory did so because they were fighting over a woman, but also because his lifestyle back then attracted trouble. These days, he’s trying to keep Ward 8 kids from making the same mistakes he did. Through his non-profit Helping Hands Inc., Baldwin almost always has a new plan for reaching out to wayward teens. Sometimes that means making banners, sometimes it means giving out free haircuts; anything to get young people to listen to his 10 values of peace, which asks kids, among other things, not to be “quick to react violently.”
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