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John Metcalfe,
Is there any journalistic niche more evocative of our current media moment than the weather blog? Meterologists predict weather, traffic reporters send word of its rush-hour impact, and weather bloggers…well, what? Some of them, like the nerds over at The Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang, are content to explicate weather lingo. Better, though, to follow TBD’s John Metcalfe, who last week was explaining that the “scrotum-tightening event known in astrological circles as an Extreme SuperMoon” had briefly “exposed all of humanity to an epic mooning,” one that may or may not have caused various recent global calamities. Metcalfe’s got a knack for poetic phrasing you’ll never hear from his ABC7 colleagues: “For the rest of the week, the warm clamminess of the air will gradually turn into unpleasantly cold vapor, like the breath of a yeti.” Or: “Lots of rain in a short amount of time will pound the land, which won’t be able to suck all of it up.” TBD may be shrinking, but let’s hope Metcalfe’s linguistic stylings manage to make their way—like “a steroidal storm system...flexing its muscles,” as he has put it—onto local TV news sometime soon.
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