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Fire Ralph Friedgen During Bowl Week
The University of Maryland couldn’t have handled the firing of Ralph Friedgen worse. Here was a Maryland alum, a guy who rescued the program a decade ago and the reigning ACC Coach of the Year, being forced out of a job on the week his team is playing in a bowl game to make room for… Randy Edsall? The only explanation for the insensitive—and hateful—behavior of Kevin Anderson, Maryland’s new athletic director, while shedding the 63-year-old Friedgen is fat-ism. The Fridge, plainly, is a fatty, and he’d been a fatty before getting hired as the Terps’ head coach in 2001. The extra pounds have come in handy occasionally. He lost weight for good causes at least twice, bringing in a reported $100,000 at $1,000 a pound to go toward construction of the Gossett Team House, a facility for athletes, during a much-publicized diet in 2002. But by 2009 Friedgen had gained enough back to drop 105 pounds during a similar fundraising fast. From the look of Friedgen during his final days as coach, he got it all back, with interest, by the time Maryland dropped every ounce of him. Anderson had candidates come by campus even as Friedgen was doing media to drum up interest in the lowly Military Bowl. The only replacement that might have mollified the masses in the wake of Friedgen’s brutal jettisoning was former Texas Tech mastermind Mike Leach, who reportedly made his visit to College Park on the day of the bowl game but wasn’t offered the job. The whole episode has made Edsall and his squad, through no fault of their own, too easy to root against. They better win, or folks will really learn what an empty Byrd Stadium looks like.
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