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“Who Murdered Robert Wone”
Craig Brownstein remembers getting a lot of this whenever he showed up at the D.C. Superior Court building: “Are you the blog? Are you ‘Who Murdered Robert Wone?’” Throughout the gripping trial, in which three housemates were accused of covering up the 2005 murder of their friend, lawyer Robert Wone, Brownstein and his blogging colleagues Doug Johnson, David Greer, and Michael Kremin, documented every moment via their website “In a small way,” says Brownstein, “We applied the C-SPAN model: Covering the minutae.” He and Greer are both former employees of the cable channel. Though the writers had no connection to the case before it went to court, the blog’s efforts attracted a community of armchair sleuths. During the trial, a post on the site could easily draw 300-500 comments. All that would seem to have come to an end in June, when a judge acquitted the defendants of conspiracy charges. But since then, the blog has been covering preparations for an October 7 civil trial. Wone’s widow, Kathy Wone, has filed a wrongful death suit against the three defendants. Despite the blog’s success and notoriety, that’s not why Brownstein and crew got involved: “Cracking the case. Solving the murder. It’s a tall order. But I’m not ruling it out.”
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