Best Not-Conservative Christian Mag

When someone mentions a contemporary Christian magazine, phrases like “culture war” and “Proposition 8” may spring to mind. With voices like Pat Robertson and the late Jerry Falwell dominating the Protestant public image, that’s an understandable assumption. However, in the case of Sojourners, it would be way off the mark. In a highly polarized, Christian Right vs. Secular Left America, it’s refreshing to read a Jesus-friendly publication out of D.C. that doesn’t fall prey to stereotypes. Founder Jim Wallis and his crew focus on issues of racial injustice, institutionalized poverty, and pacifism in ways that challenge the popular perception of Christians engaged in politics. It’s no surprise, then, that President Obama chose Wallis as a member of a “faith council” to advise the White House. The magazine highlights ways in which faith can lead to a more progressive outlook, so naturally it engendered Glenn Beck’s vitriol. Any Christian publication that earns that merits a second glance.
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