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Michelle Rhee
Vince Gray was probably asked on nearly 1,000 occasions during the mayoral campaign if he’d keep Michelle Rhee as schools chancellor. Each time, Gray would give the politically safe—but completely unsatisfying—answer that he hadn’t made up his mind, he would have to talk to her after the election, blah blah blah. Two weeks after the election, Gray followed through with his threats and held a highly-anticipated sit-down with Rhee at his D.C. Council office. The scene had a carnival atmosphere before Rhee even arrived, with a row of TV cameras rolling tape every time someone got off the elevator at the Wilson Building in hopes it would turn out to be Rhee. Rhee and Gray talked for more than an hour about Lord knows what. Afterwards, they both came out to address the media. Only problem was, Rhee wouldn’t talk, or even bother to stand anywhere near the mayor-elect. While Gray droned on about how productive their meeting had been, Rhee stood there looking royally unhappy, telling the world without saying a word that she was gone. Three weeks later, she announced her departure.
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