Best Message Board Rabble Rouser

Kathy Henderson
In a recent police message board post, anti-crime activist Kathy Henderson didn’t fret over language. On a board that often utilizes clinical police and legal terms, she described a crime a D.C. Superior Court defendant was recently convicted of “a murderous shooting spree,” and described men like him as “thugs with no respect for life [who] wantonly shoot people, leaving a trail of terror and tears wherever they strike.” Henderson’s rabble-rousing is usually aimed at encouraging her fellow residents to pen “community impact statements” about defendants. These letters are sent to a judge to show the negative impact a specific criminal or particular crime had on a community, in hopes the judge will beef up the sentence in response. Another factor that undoubtedly motivates Henderson’s bluster: She knows how rough things can get. While organizing against drug dealers and gangs near her Carver Terrace home in 2006, her 1991 Capri convertible was mysteriously torched.
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