Best Marion Barry Quote

“What the shit is this?”
Covering city politics for Washington City Paper presents some unique challenges for a reporter, not the least of which is trying to establish some kind of working relationship with Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry. Barry is not a big fan of this paper, and has established on-again, off-again boycotts of a long line of its writers. Why the dislike? Well, as the Weekly Standard’s Matt Labash put it, City Paper reporters “still enjoy riding Barry like the village Zipcar.” (On the other hand, we try to ride every D.C. Council member that way.) Occasionally though, Barry will drop his boycott and speak to City Paper. And the man who brought us “Bitch set me up” and “Get over it” still has plenty of great zingers left in him. His most recent memorable line came after a Loose Lips column on intra-council squabbles over committee assignments. Barry was no fan of the reportage: “You’re gonna speculate on what committee I want. I mean, what the shit is this?”
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