Best Way to Start a Feud

Unlike other card games, with their “rules” and “winners,” bourré (pronounced “boo-ray”) tends to just confuse everybody involved. Look at what happened on Dec. 19 during an in-air bourré match between one-time Wizards fan favorite Gilbert Arenas, reserve guard Javaris Crittenton, and starting center JaVale McGee: Arenas taunted Crittenton after Crittenton lost $1,100 to McGee, the players exchanged threats, and two days later, Arenas brought unloaded guns into the Verizon Center. Given bourré’s malleable rules, this should not have come as a surprise. Preston Guidry, author of the Official Rules and Techniques of the Cajun Card Game Bourré, tells City Paper that feuding over the game is not uncommon: “If you don’t know the rules there’s gonna be a lot of arguments,” he says. “There might be five guys at the table together, and if they’re all playing together, they might have five different sets of rules.” Guidry once made an attempt to host a bourré tournament at a Gulf Coast casino. Alas, “They had so many arguments in that one week that they discontinued it.” Long story short: When Agent Zero gets back from his NBA suspension and probable jail term, perhaps he should stick to pinochle.—CH & AB