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Crime Scene
Consider Crime Scene’s reports of March 10, 2010: A man in a yellow hard hat robbed a bank in Fairfax. A piano teacher in Fairfax was arrested for possession of child pornography. And a small plane flown by a man from Fairfax violated D.C. airspace but avoided being shot down. What does this tell us—other than that perhaps Fairfax residents’ perennial concerns about D.C. having too much crime are perhaps overblown? That beneath the Washington area’s sophisticated mien beats the heart of a shirtless man running screaming from a botched Dunkin’ Donuts robbery. Crime Scene doesn’t just concern itself with weird news. It concerns itself with weird animal news, such as these recent dispatches: A man was arrested for trespassing in the National Zoo’s elephant cage; a rare rabbit was stolen in Lindemere, Del.; and in Los Angeles, Sony Dong was scheduled to be sentenced for smuggling songbirds from Vietnam. This is also where champion Metro crime reporter Tom Jackman opens his notebook and lets rip, and occasionally there’s some real poetry in the mud, like Mary Pat Flaherty’s deflation of a Pentagon officials’ statement that John Patrick Bedell may have made an “utterance” before opening fire there. Turns out there was utterly nothing to that report.