Best Twitter Account

Not everyone can pull off the fake Twitter account. Some impersonators have too heavy a hand, are too ironic, try too hard, post too often. But @FentyDC (Name: Fenty; Location: None of your business; Bio: Triathlete and style guru) has a wit that works in 140 characters that may as well be coming out of the mayor’s tight-lipped mouth. Follow him to learn his favorite moisturizer (Kiehl’s Facial Fuel—“expensive but worth it”), the perils of having a bald head (“killer in the heat”), and what he got from Mary Cheh and Phil Mendelson for his birthday (massage oil and a “World’s Best Mayor” mug, respectively). Some sample tweets: “Triathlon yesterday!!! Im happy with both my performance and how I looked.” “Whenever I am feeling down, I find staring in a mirror for a few minutes picks me right up.” “Geez, Who knew those little SmartCars could go so fast?” “The toughest part about getting the Giro d’Italia to DC was negotiating the traditional ‘Mayoral head start.’” Only complaint here is actually a request: Tweet more.