Best Place to See a Car Accident

Memorial Bridge Circle
Canada geese have annexed the grassy fields just east of Arlington National Cemetery, but any honking you hear there is likely from the vehicular equivalent of Htrae: a traffic circle where entering traffic has the right of way. I bike by this circle every morning and have witnessed the following two accidents more times than I can keep count of: A. Driver of car in circle, headed toward I-395 south, does not realize he or she is supposed to yield to car hurtling across Memorial Bridge from D.C.—bang! B. Driver of car heading north on George Washington Parkway doesn’t realize he or she’s taken the lane that leads across the bridge and executes a U-turn on the bridge—bang! Sometimes Park Police park on the circle and ticket cars that have escaped unscathed for crossing traffic lines. It’s the cherry on a fuck-you sundae.