Best Place to Run into a Balla

Arlington was named city of ballers last year. The Pentagon, the National Science Foundation, and its embrace of a particularly sanitized brand of urbanism have made it home to an abundance of the newly well-to-do. Indeed, all the young lobbyists, government contractors, and computer geeks taking up residence in Ballston, Clarendon, and Court House have boosted the median family income to $108,815—a jackpot for the fabulous, broke, and single. If you’re on the prowl, a night out at Mister Days or the Liberty Tavern may snatch you up one of these brahs who croons to Oasis during karaoke night over at Summer’s or cheers on a rugby match at Kitty O’Shea’s. If Arlington doesn’t do it for you, neighboring Fairfax County, though further from the city, sits on a median family income of $126,910—a more lucrative locale if you’re all about the Benjamins.