Best Place to Observe Redskins Mania
Truth be told: Dan Snyder did such a number on Redskins fans last year, what with his suing grandmothers and selling tickets by the thousands to scalpers, that many of the lifelong Kool-Aid drinkers in his team’s fan base became teetotalers. But blind optimism and obsessiveness about the Skins, factors that cause out-of-towners to hate the team more than the local traffic once they move here, still abound around these parts. And the best place to observe the ridiculousness of Redskins Nation is, a Snyder-owned message board. This is a place where a thread titled “The Cult of Colt,” dedicated only to worshipping Can Miss Kid Colt Brennan, has at last count attracted more than a half-million hits. Brennan very likely won’t ever take a single meaningful snap in the NFL, but on a typical day at ExtremeSkins the debate in his thread hits “Who Would You Take: Unitas or Colt?” awesomeness. Hold your nose and get some chuckles.