Best Place to Be During a Snowpocalypse

City Vista
During the Great Snowpocolypse of 2010, Peter Liszewski didn’t want for anything. He was “perfectly satisfied” to sit up in his condo, admiring the fluffy whiteness piling up outside his window, he says. But if Liszewski was a little needier, here’s what he could have done during the snowstorm all within the comfort of his own building: He could have gone grocery shopping in the colossal “Sexy Safeway.” He could have swung into Busboys & Poets for a panini or a salad. He could have popped into Taylor Gourmet for a “Chestnut Street” hoagie. And since he had so much time at home, he could have visited the 5th Street Ace Hardware, bought a hammer and some nails, and hung up some art. Or he could have patronized the Results Gym, the Chevy Chase Bank, the Starbucks, or the dry cleaner inside the Safeway. And God forbid another Snowmageddon strikes, he now has the option of visiting Kushi, a new Japanese restaurant. Liszewski lives in Mount Vernon Square’s City Vista complex, home to 441 condos and 244 apartments and almost everything a snowbound Washingtonian could need.