Best Piece of College Infrastructure

The Howard University “Booty Wall”
If you thought historic Gaston Hall on the Georgetown University campus was the obvious choice for best honors here, you are so very mistaken. Sure, Gaston has pretentious frescoes and murals and seals, and lots of heads of state have given speeches or received awards on its stage. But Howard University’s “Booty Wall” wins. Mostly just because it includes the word “booty.” It is as it sounds: a wall outside a freshman girls’ dorm that has served, over the years, as a pick-up spot—a place where “freshman girls and freshman guys get to meet and congregate” and “possibly get a relationship going or whatever,” as an editor at the student newspaper, Marquis Barnett, told City Paper last fall. (He says that only 50 to 75 guys “use” the wall, and he isn’t one of them.) Other contenders: Virginia Tech’s former “Virgin Vault” (a floor of girl virgins!) and a seven-story dorm dubbed both the “Man Castle” and “Seven Layers of Players.” Alas, the Man Castle has gone limp, now allowing women. The Booty Wall remains strong.