Best Non-Traditional Classical Music Venue

L’Enfant Plaza Metro Station
The brutalist overhang of the L’Enfant Plaza Metro station bears little resemblance, in either setting or structure, to the Kennedy Center two miles away. Regardless, the two are both important cultural hubs showcasing musicians of the classical inclination. Nestled among the popcorn stand and the buckets of flowers and the Krispy Kreme guy, the talents of L’Enfant put their own spin on the classics day in and day out, morning and evening. Green, Yellow, Blue, and Orange line passengers ascending toward the Capital Gallery are privy to guitar, trumpet, and violin soloists; frequently selected for treatment are the old standbys: Bach, Mozart, Beethoven. And these guys are on point no matter the time of year. Come Christmas, season pass-holders are treated to the L’Enfant-style execution of yuletide standards (“Little Drummer Boy,” stunning in its simplicity, is a favorite).