Best Newsmaker

Bruce DePuyt
The District has plenty of brand-name city hall reporters: Tom Sherwood, Mark Plotkin, and Jonetta Rose Barras know how to throw a sharp elbow or two at District officials. They can certainly light up a press conference with their dogged questioning of officialdom. But day in and day out, NewsChannel 8’s Bruce DePuyt has quietly established himself as the city’s best newsmaker. Like Meet the Press under Tim Russert, DePuyt’s NewsTalk is the go-to destination for District, Maryland, and Virginia officials looking to explain their positions on the issues of the day. He doesn’t ambush his guests but engages them with sharp but substantive questions, giving them time to answer beyond the sound bite. In the process, he gets officials to make some news whether it’s Attorney General Peter Nickles or, in a recent example, a city councilmember pondering a run for mayor. With the press hungry for a competitive mayoral race, DePuyt got At-Large Councilmember Michael A. Brown to all but declare his candidacy on his program.