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Greater Greater Washington
Greater Greater Washington is a blog that muses rapturously about National Transportation Safety Board line-of-sight tests, high-frequency trunk bus lines, and mixed-configuration six-train cars. So it makes sense, in a roundabout way, that when John Catoe, Metro’s general manager, sprung a surprise resignation on Metro’s board less than 24 hours after an unprecedented meeting with local transportation bloggers—including GGW’s Matt Johnson and Michael Perkins—their reaction was relief: Not that he had left an agency that struggled with safety issues during his tenure, but that he hadn’t mentioned it during the meeting. “I’m sort of glad,” Johnson told me the next day. “It would have dominated the conversation otherwise.” You mean you would have rather talked about fare hikes and at-will employment policies instead of how his departure would affect the system GGW blogs about day after day? “I think so, yes,” Johnson said. “While Mr. Catoe’s vision for Metro is no longer as relevant, we were able to discuss how the situation of the present will affect any possible future Metro can have.”