Best Newlyweds

The District’s first same-sex couples
The D.C. Superior Court’s marriage bureau typically processes about 10 marriage applications a day. On March 3—the first day same-sex marriage applications were accepted—151 couples waited in line; in the next five days, 315 more couples had waded through the process of getting hitched, all but a few of them gay. Many of the gay couples boosting D.C.’s marriage numbers on March 3 were veterans—they had been through this whole wedding thing before. Sinjoyla Townsend and Angelisa Young, the first same-sex couple to submit a marriage license in D.C., had celebrated their union with a traditional wedding in 2005, complete with rings, bridesmaids, and tuxedos. Terrance Heath and Richard Imirowicz, the 12th same-sex couple to file for marriage in D.C., had exchanged vows twice before—first in Hawaii in 2001, second on a Rosie O’Donnell LGBT cruise in 2007. Their March 9 ceremony at All Souls Church was less exotic—just the couple and their two sons, ages 2 and 7. They hope it’s the last time they’ll have to get hitched. “As much as I love him, this will technically be the third time we’ve been married,” Heath said while waiting in line at D.C. Superior Court. “Our hope is that by the time our son is adult, he’ll be able to look back on this week and wonder what the big deal was.”