Best Library Dispute

Washington Highlands
There’s nothing like a city offering to build a brand-spanking-new library that gets people up in arms. We don’t want it! Take it back! The initial design for the Washington Highlands library, by British “starchitect” David Adjaye, prompted complaints from some over its “futuristic pod design” and the lack of community input they say led to it. “The design is very modern, space-age modern, something akin to what NASA might design for the moon.…The pods protruding off the building look like something seen at an aquarium. Ward Eight residents are not fish,” one anti-pod group calling itself Ward Eight for Practical & Sensible Design wrote. (Adjaye’s defense, as told to the Washington Examiner: “Modernity need not be a frightening thing.”) Some residents objected not just to the frightening pods but everything that came along with them—they lobbied to keep the 60-year-old structure and just renovate it instead. On the day the bulldozers rolled in in November, a few dozen people protested outside with a “Save Our Library” theme that probably would’ve garnered more sympathy had the facility been closing forever. We say: Be happy with a new library. It will have study rooms. And new computers. And an outdoor ampitheater. And a garden. And, we are certain, books!