Best Health Inspection Report

Safeway No. 271
514 Rhode Island Ave. NE
The new year started badly for the aging Safeway on Rhode Island Avenue NE. A city health inspection revealed gruesome details of rodent excrement, traces of blood, and improper refrigerator temperatures. Some highlights from the report: “rodent droppings observed in the bakery in a corner next to the walk-in refrigerator,” “dried blood on meat refrigerator (open display) shelves,” “Tail of mouse was protruding from under one of the racks,” “the meat walk-in thermometer reads -8F and no items are frozen,” “unclean hand washing sinks,” and “a strong odor of mouse or rat urine detected in the rear storage area along the floor.” The grocery was ordered to close immediately following the inspection; within 24 hours, the store was reinspected and reopened, but the bad news didn’t end. Due to financial struggles, the store closed its doors for good in early March, forcing residents of the Edgewood community, many of them seniors, to trek to the newer Giant at the Brentwood Shopping Center down the road. t at the Brentwood Shopping Center down the road.