Best Wedding Venue

Josephine Butler Parks Center
Overlooking a corner of Malcolm X Park, Josephine Butler Parks Center doesn’t leave a lasting impression on the average passerby. Still, the building has built a reputation as the city’s most popular, affordable wedding venue. In fact, if you live here long enough, chances are you’ll attend a reception here at least once. Unlike an art gallery or restaurant, which restrict usage of their space, Josephine Butler Parks Center offers its clients use of an entire mansion, including complimentary use of tables and chairs. From the ceremony through the cocktail hour and dinner, the venue’s staff is helpful and accommodating. The balcony is gorgeous, too, since it overlooks the park and creates an opportunity for more intimate photos. Most importantly, everyone at JBPC was committed to making my wedding special, even when they worried that the dance party was causing the ground floor chandeliers to shake too much.