Best Wedding Caterer

Eat and Smile
When planning a wedding, a good rule of thumb is that the most expensive vendors are also the most stressful. Based in upper Northeast, the catering company Eat and Smile bucks that trend. I got married in March 2016, and starting from the initial inquiry, general manager Katie Rotramel and owner/Chef Oliver Friendly were responsive, enthusiastic, and friendly. The food was excellent, too, and not just during the small preview they arranged. My guests would not shut up about their meal—the mac and cheese sticks in particular—and even the signature cocktails were a hit. Eat and Smile also hosts regular Chef’s Table events, which are more scaled-down events that don’t require so much careful planning. My wedding was a boozy night, with guests complaining they were hung over for days, so our locally-sourced menu left a more memorable impression than any post-dessert debauchery.