Best Vacuum Cleaner Repair

Hyattsville Vacuum Service
5221 Baltimore Ave, Hyattsville, (301) 277-3553
Photograph by Darrow Montgomery
In a house on the brink of disarray, a vacuum cleaner is the last line of defense in the war between order and chaos. So you can imagine my utter fear when, a few months ago, my roommate threw his hands up in exasperation and shouted, “Welp! The vacuum cleaner is broken.” What do you do in that situation? Buy a new vacuum cleaner? That seems expensive, and when you have one you like a lot, it seems drastic. It turns out that repair shops for this appliance, like Hyattsville Vacuum Repair, are still a thing. Though my expectations were low (after all, I didn’t know such places existed), the experts there exceeded them by fixing our soldier-against-chaos in a timely, affordable manner. Furthermore, this place has been in business for 75 years. And holy shit, that’s a long time!