Best Spring Cleaning

Miss Pixie’s
626 14th St. NW
Photograph by Darrow Montgomery
There’s no question that Miss Pixie’s is a standout furniture and antiques shop: It’s been a fixture in Best of D.C. for many years running. For a while, though, it felt a little bit like visiting your hoarder grandma’s house, which meant treading with caution around narrow walkways and being careful to avoid knocking over a delicate set of crystal. Lately, though, the aisles are wider, items are more thoughtfully grouped together in similar categories, and the displays near the windows are arranged like a showroom. When I inquired about the new look, the salesman insisted that there wasn’t any master plan and that the organization is simply an ongoing process. All I know is it’s now much easier for me to make a beeline for the vintage postcard bin.