Best Secret Newsstand

News World
1001 Connecticut Ave. NW; (202) 872-0190
Photograph by Charles Steck
In 2015, we declared The Newsroom in Dupont Circle the best place to buy magazines in D.C. It probably still is, but now that magazines are to readers what 200gm virgin vinyl is to audiophiles—and since the departures of Barnes & Noble from the city center and Borders from existence (and their expansive news racks along with them)—there’s room to celebrate more than one purveyor of periodicals in this town. News World, which shares ownership with the now-shuttered location of the same name in Farragut, is hidden away in the woebegone GW-owned Shops at 2000 Penn without so much as a name on the glass to announce its off-street presence. Nevertheless, magazine lovers will find it more than worth a visit. With fewer indie titles than the closed location had in its heyday, News World still offers plenty of variety for browsing (strengths include politics, culture, foreign affairs, and business—oh and of course porno and weapons too) and some second chances at interesting back issues. Come and enjoy wandering the sometimes idiosyncratically organized racks. Where else could you find Ebony right next to Maxim?