Best Place to Go When You Need a Gift

Urban Dwell
1837 Columbia Road NW, (202) 558-9087
Photograph by Charles Steck
What you will first notice when walking into Urban Dwell is that it’s full. Products are everywhere. This is not to say that it’s messy or unkempt, just that every flat surface holds something interesting and new. It’s a delightful exercise in discovery. As you make your way through the store, items will remind you of specific people—as in, “Oh, this would be perfect for my Mom,” or, “My nephew would get a kick out of this.” The magic of this store is that it is a perfect blend of price points and personality types. It takes the pressure off of gift giving and acts as a one-stop shop for everyone on your list. Urban Dwell is especially good for people who are pressed for time or frantically running to an event. Pop in, walk around, and you’ll be sure to find an offering that will delight the receiver.