Best Place to Go if You Have No Idea How to Decorate Your Apartment

Hudson & Crane
1781 Florida Ave. NW, (202) 436-1223
While most independent retail is struggling to remain open, Hudson & Crane is one of a handful of stores in D.C. that has managed to grow this year. The furniture store/interior design company took over the lease next door, doubling its floor space. Customers now have a wider range of options and examples to help them project their style into a space.

While other chain furniture stores hire sales associates, Hudson & Crane’s staff are interior designers. The store is essentially a design studio that happens to have beautiful sofas, rugs, and candles for sale. This means customers can tap into expertise that will bring their Instagram-worthy decorating dreams into reality. It’s a refreshing antidote to larger furniture stores that offer formulaic responses and pre-fab products to a mass audience. The shopping experience is personal, creative, and focused on solutions that are perfect for your apartment.