Best Place to Buy Imported Candy, Cheap Beer, and German Magazines

Cafe Mozart
1331 H St. NW, (202) 347-5732
Photograph by Darrow Montgomery
What is it about European candy that makes it seem so much more appealing than generic American offerings? Is it richer or less cloyingly sweet, or does it just remind us of late night snacks purchased during college trips abroad? Whatever the reason, these cravings can be filled downtown at Cafe Mozart, the convenience store offering everything from fancy cocoa and all varieties of Kinder chocolates to bratwurst and German-language tabloids. There’s even a display case showcasing Bayern Munich apparel, should you need a gift for the soccer fan in your life. The hodgepodge of items in the store, decorated with cardboard cutouts of its namesake, almost distracts visitors from the restaurant in the back. Even if you’re not interested in schnitzel or sauerbraten, happy hour remains a steal, with a liter of beer going for a mere $9.95.