Best Consignment Shop

The Chic Shack
1230 H Street NE, (202) 733-3194
Lots of consignment and vintage shops carry an air of condescension, turning their noses up at any non-luxury designer items you’re trying to sell and implying that if you have to ask about price, you can’t afford it. Chic Shack is the exact opposite. Shopping there feels more like going to raid your best friend’s closet. On top of being super friendly and helpful, the staff is always serving up their own unique and inspiring looks, and they’ll be (kindly) honest about whether that lime green spandex dress is actually working on you. The shop offers a healthy mix of new retail and resold pieces, and while it boasts the occasional mint condition Louboutins selling for close to full price, the store’s specialty is finds that will have you bragging about the bargain like a Midwestern mom. Pro tip: Follow The Chic Shack on Instagram to see the best items as soon as they come in (as well as a masterful use of the Boomerang tool).