Best Bookstore Twitter Account

Capitol Hill Books
It only everyone on Twitter could be like Kyle Burk. As a volunteer at Capitol Hills Books, he tweets better than most people who are paid to do it. A recent one, posted with a photo of books by Tolstoy, Chekhov, and Pasternak, among others, reads, “Confession: We’ve been secretly meeting with the Russians for years.” And when Burk’s writing entry placed second in City Paper’s 2017 Fiction Contest, he tweeted from the store account, “@kylesburk, who may or may not have anything to do w this account, won 2nd place in the @wcp fiction competition. In other words: he lost.”

A writer for the Mexican embassy, Burk began tweeting for the C Street used bookstore in 2015. “I suppose my initial goals were to cast shame upon fans of Paulo Coelho, tell a few bad jokes about German philosophers, and share our quasi-religious fervor for good books,” he says. “As our customers know, we don’t shy away from voicing our opinions on non-book matters like politics as well. But our ultimate allegiance is to books and advancing their cause as the only worthy companion to the absurdity of the human condition.” His hashtag for that philosophy: #WeAllDieAloneButSomeOfUsDieWellRead.