Best Place to Purchase the Largest Carrots You’ve Ever Seen, Chicken Feet, $2 Brooms, Other Wonders

Panamericana Grocery
3552 14th St. NW, (202) 545-0290
It’s almost impossible to talk about Panamericana Grocery without mentioning the carrots—my God, the carrots! They’re each about the size of my forearm. Where do they come from? Were they forgotten in the ground at a regular farm, until sometime long after harvest they became big enough to walk themselves to the packaging plant? Did they come from Chernobyl? Will they kill me in 10 years? Why are they so cheap? I’ve never eaten them raw, but I’ve been using them with no ill effects to make bone broth (add to a pot of water one monster carrot, one onion, one bay leaf, 10 chicken feet with the toes cut off; simmer 12 hours, drink for breakfast with salt and lemon juice). Other Panamericana highlights include the tremendous crowds no matter the hour, a great Latin American cheese section, an enticing meat case, and cheap spices. Almost all the produce is $.99 per pound or cheaper, and I’m going to assume it’s all whatever the opposite of organic or free range or fairly traded is. Eat like a king today; grow carrots for forearms later.

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