Best Place to Pamper Your Tired Feet

Comfy Feet Spa
1629 Connecticut Ave. NW, (202) 588-8888
Did you know that you hold tension in your toes? In your arch? Your heel? You won’t realize how much stress you held in your feet until it isn’t there anymore. Your feet deserve attention. Not the “let’s-scrub-them-until-they-are-raw” version that sometimes accompanies a particularly harsh pedicure. We are talking “hey-I-commute-in-this-city-and-I’m-freaking-exhausted” consideration. Comfy Feet Spa is located in an unassuming basement space in Dupont. They offer only a handful of services, including hot stone massage and acupressure. Their trademark, though, is straightforward: They are here to help your feet.

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