Best Place to Make Your Bath More Enjoyable

Hunnybunny Boutique
311 8th St. NE, (202) 792-5209

Nya (age seven) and Zuri (age two) own Hunnybunny Boutique—not technically, but they are certainly the owners in intention and spirit. Hunnybunny Boutique is a gem of a store that sells natural skincare and bath products. Grown-up owner and mom Leigh Byers decided to launch her brand after reading the ingredients listed on Nya and Zuri’s shampoo bottle.

“I thought to myself, ‘What is all of this?’” says Byers. She then became determined to make products that were safe for her little girls. She went in search of natural ingredients and began to make soap. She opened Hunnybunny one year ago and makes all of her items by hand in small batches.

Ingredients are easily recognizable and sound good enough to eat, which embodies the core “pure and simple” philosophy of the brand. Customers can read product contents on bookmark-sized cards that are readily available. For example, the best-selling Swirl Bar with Mango Butter includes olive, coconut, and apricot oils, mango butter, annatto seed powder, and orange peel powder.

Hunnybunny is truly a family business. Leigh creates products and works in the store during the week. Her husband, André Byers, works weekends. The girls can be found playing in a toy space that is in the front part of the store. Customers often encounter lots of giggles and helpful hands—Nya and Zuri are especially adept at using an iPad. (Seriously, it’s amazing how great they are at ringing up people’s purchases.)

Soap, body butter, and sugar scrubs are all included in Hunnybunny’s product line. Items are reasonably priced, with most soaps running between $5 and $6. One standout product is the soothing Rose Clay Facial Mask that includes French rose clay, ground oats, and milk powder.

This is retail with heart. Products are carefully made and meant to nourish. The store space puts family front and center as part of daily operations. It’s raw and playful, and very worth the trip to get bath items that will clean and feed your skin.

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